Do you teach classical drawing or painting?

I believe that one learns best while having fun. My workshops are built around creating and finishing one art project within almost every session. But that’s not all: while engaged in the fun art process I’ve created for you, you will also be learning a lot about the elements and principles of art, as well as theory and history.

Do I need to buy my own materials for your workshops?
No, I will be providing high quality materials for you to use (the same I use for my own artwork). Occasionally, I will offer a kit that you might be interested in purchasing separately to practice at home what you’ve learned in the workshop.
Are your French workshops completely en français?
Depending on the language ability of the group at each session, instruction may have a mixture of French and English so no one is left out. For French Immersion students, it is an occasion to do something fun while practicing their conversational French.
Is Art Just For Me a franchise?

Art Just For Me is not a franchise. I’m an artist who loves all forms of artistic self-expression, and have loved sharing techniques I’ve learned or developed over the years with novice and practised artists.

Refunds or My dog ate my appointment book, I can't find my keys and I forgot my workshop was today. Can I cancel?

Things happen, I know. You may cancel and get a refund up to 48 hrs before your workshop. If you cancel the day before your workshop, you will receive credit towards another workshop at another date.If you're cancelling the same day or you don't show up, there are no refunds or credits possible. 

Why are some workshops more expensive than others?
Each workshop is different, with different time requirements, different materials and preparation times. Prices before tax are listed next to each workshop.
Why won’t you sign up my younger child for a workshop with an older age group? She’s really talented, and I’m sure she won’t have a problem following. Plus she wants to be in the same class as her older brother.

It really is best for the students to work within their intended age group. You’ll just have to trust me on that - I have designed these workshop with a lot of care, and would not be able to give each student the individualized attention they deserve if they’re not within their age group.

Do you do children’s birthday parties?

Not yet, but I’m working on different packages for ages 7-14

I know you from somewhere… Wait, wait, don’t tell me! Aren’t you that French teacher?

No, but we’ve probably come across each other during the many French education-related events I’ve volunteered for and helped organized in and around your child’s school over the years in our area. I’ve also been volunteering for many years with Canadian Parents for French, and I'm still actively engaged in promoting French as a Second Language education for everyone.

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